Rocking the Kingdom?

I have been curious for some time about what is going on in Saudi Arabia.  Finally some analysis from Jadaliyya and the WaPo , one highlighting the currents for change, the other reminding us that  “revolutions aren’t necessarily going to help those we hope will win”  (Emphasis mine).

Sorry, but I think the knee-jerk anti-revolution protect-US-interests-against-Islamist-threat rhetoric coming out of US public policy circles has already been established as dumb.  What is going on right now in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and other countries may be messy, but it is also Osama bin-Laden’s worst nightmare.  The US got a bum deal buying “national security” based on terrorist-breeding torture and fossil fuels that wreck out environment.  Any leader whose nickname is “King of Humanity” (Abdullah’s favorite) is probably most at home with the “Brother Leader” in the Bab al-Aziz bunker under Tripoli.

That said, it may be true that the revolution isn’t going to take place in Saudi yet, despite the “Day of Rage” planned for March 11th.  So far, analysts seem to agree that what happens in Bahrain is extremely important, which make sense given similar sectarian issues and repression.  It is a mistake, however, to think that the relative wealth of the Gulf states and their fairly successful co-optation of dissidents is sign protests won’t take place.  If anything, a lack of a coordinated opposition and some level of successful economic development supported the revolution in other Arab states.  King of Humanity, watch out.



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